God’s provision


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Biblical Teaching concerning God's provision


Testimonies marked with asterix (*) were translated from Italian



1. Smoke signal

2. Watchman Nee

3. The hot water bottle

4. The money which was needed

5. A Bible given by a Messenger of the Lord

6. Fish for supper

7. God is the father of orphans

8. The wood

9. God forgets no-one

10. Before they shop, I will deliver

11. God knows ‘perfectly well’

12. True greatness

13. When God comes shopping

14. Early lessons in the life of faith

15. Help in the Chinese language

16. “Call upon me in the day of trouble: I will deliver thee”

17. Child-like faith

18. A handsome red cloth ulster

19. A gift of five dollars

20. The lost glove

21. The sewing machine

22. A present from her father

23. The key and the fish *

24. A perfect mistake

25. God’s provision in the life of George Muller

26. Feed the child Eagle Brand evaporated milk

27. Miraculous provision

28. “No good think will He withhold from them that walk uprightly”

29. A half crown piece

30. His salary

31. The storehouse of God’s unlimited bounty

32. A thicket for Theodore

33. The stranger at the door

34. A Christmas surprise

35. God provides

36. Tommy’s prayer

37. Mango Manna

38. Surprises in the Cellar

39. God supplies every need

40. The widow’s shoes

41. Prayers answered for rain

42. ‘Give us this day our daily bread’

43. Praying for wood

44. ‘Send food to John’

45. A child’s prayer answered

46. Corn the frost coould not kill

47. A mother’s faith – the life of Beate Paulus

48. A widow’s wonderful deliverance

49. Superhuman control of the locomotive in answer to prayer

50. God’s care for the widow and orphans

51. Annie and Vanie’s first real prayer

52. “They who trust the Lord shall not want”

53. The widow’s wood and flour – the unbelieving ones made speechless

54. The chair

55. The bridge

56. Believing God

57. A Russian story about forgiveness

58. A train ‘held up’ by prayer and faith

59. Faith removes a mound

60. Faith at five

61. Are you expecting the ravens?

62. Parker Maxey received shoes through a dream

63. Brave Ben

64. It stopped raining

65. An anomalous pair of shoes

66. God is able to speak to cows

67. God fed me supernaturally

68. The healing of a horse

69. God killed the worms in answer to prayer

70. A pretty story

71. Ice obtained

72. How a fire was stopped

73. Quick answer

74. Grasshoppers defeated

75. It pays to honor God

76. Uncle Frank’s story

77. Dinner at twelve

78. The specter in the house

79. A child’s prayer of faith

80. A quickened memory

81. An answer delayed eighteen years

82. The Australian answer to Goforth’s prayer

83. Someone was in need of money

84. A raven brings missionary’s food to a praying Hindu woman

85. Harry Wiese tested God’s promise for daily bread

86. Fed by ravens in answer to prayer

87. God provided old age security for Dr. Cyrus Hamlin

88. God sent ‘an exceeding strong wind’

89. Doctor John Breman fed by a bird in a Japanese prison

90. Franke’s answer before he had prayed

91. Charley Finney’s answer to prayer at Oberlin

92. Faith in God

93. How do you interpret Philippians 4:19?

94. A God who counts

95. He was not really too late to the ticket office

96. Why he left the bus not caring about his ticket

97. The last $2 for his ticket to Van Wert, Ohio

98. God is just the same in Japan

99. The priest was convinced

100. When the storm cloud came

101. August Francke

102. I know what God will do

103. God knew where the water was

104. Food when needed

105. The story of the well

106. She took her umbrella to church

107. God-sent, earthly rain brought great spiritual refreshing

108. Over two feet of God-sent water in Bevington's well

109. A cloud-burst in answer to Finney's prayer

110. God-sent rain put out a forest fire to keep a holy fire burning

111. Remarkable answers to the prayers of Mr. Barrett

112. Miracle at a grocery store

113. The Lord's way of sending help

114. Corrie's prison miracle

115. Give away what you have?

116. I'll take that one, Lord

117. God can find cars too

118. Her food supply kept multiplyng

119. Found by an angel

120. The wedding

121. ‘How Does God provide for your needs?’ *

122. 25 pounds *

123. The blue shoes *

124. The lodging at Labico *

125. Two eggs *

126. Daniele *

127. Orderly room!! *

128. The miracle of the few pounds *

129. The sack of potatoes *







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