When God comes shopping



Annika Winzeler lives in Schaffhausen, Switzerland, and has not been a Christian for long. She tells of the following event during her first days as a Christian: "Eighteen months ago, when God showed me that he really exists, I was going through a difficult time. I had just moved out from home, and was having trouble making ends meet. I often didn't know whether I would be able to eat.

One day, I stood in the supermarket, hungry and wondering what I could afford for lunch. I emptied my purse into my hand to count my money - it wasn't much, about 1 Franc 30 (about 85 US cents, or 55 UK pence). I counted it again and again. That wouldn't buy me much for lunch. I wandered down the aisles, looking at what I would have liked for lunch - a bread roll, yoghurt, an apple and something to drink, in total about 2 Francs 10 ($1.50, or 90 pence). But maybe Jesus could help me, as he had helped others! I had read something about fish and bread, so asked Jesus for help: 'You fed so many people with only a little bread and a few fish. Couldn't you help me?' Nothing happened - no angel appeared to help me shop, and no voice from heaven telling me how I could fill my stomach. I was very disappointed. Could it be that I was mistaken, that Jesus didn't exist, wasn't alive? Was everything just my imagination? Then my life wouldn't change as I had thought it would. So I decided to buy my lunch with the 1 Franc 30 I had. I counted the money again, to be sure - but it was suddenly no longer 1 Franc 30, but exactly the amount I needed to buy what I wanted for lunch! The money had multiplied in my hand. I found it quite natural that Jesus did that for me, because he promised to care for us."


Source: Annika Winzeler


Friday Fax 2002 Issue 32, 9 August