Ice obtained



It was far back in the country. In a certain home typhoid fever was raging. One daughter had died. One son was very low. The doctor came and said, "If we had ice we might save him but he will be gone before it can be obtained for it will require hours to get it." This was before the day of automobiles. The mother, who loved him devotedly and believed in God and prayer, felt that God could and would, in some way, send ice. She immediately found a secluded place and began to plead the promises. She prayed something like this, "Lord, Thou hast promised to supply our need. My son, unless ice is obtained immediately, will be gone." Then she reminded the Lord that she believed Him and would trust Him to send it in some way. They said, while no clouds were visible, at the time of the conversation, as she held on they heard a strange noise. They listened and it was thunder. In a very few minutes the heavens were black and the rain began to pour. Soon they heard something like hail on the roof. They looked again and the hail was falling. In a very few minutes it was piled up against the fences and thick over the ground. The old mother came out with a dishpan, scooped up a pan full and said, "Doctor here is ice. Here it is." She would shout, run out and fill her pan and say, "Doctor, here it is! God has sent it." The glory was filling the place. The doctor looked on in wonder, and said, "I never saw it like this before."


From: EFFECTIVE ILLUSTRATIONS By William Moses Tidwell, Printed in U.S.A. 1943, Beacon Hill Press Kansas City, Mo.