The priest was convinced



Mr. He Li was very old and very poor, but a Christian. His cousin, a priest, would bring bread or meal, and Mr. Li would say, "My Heavenly Father's grace." This angered the priest, who said, "If I didn't bring you the food, you would starve, for all He would care." "But He puts it into your heart to help me." "Very well, I'll stay away and then we'll see what happens." After many days Mr. Li had not a single crumb, but while he was praying there was a strange cawing and flapping in the yard. Some crows were fighting and dropped a piece of pork and a loaf of bread. While the meat was boiling, the priest walked in, saying, "Has the Heavenly Father you talk so much about sent you food?" When he saw the meat he exclaimed, "Where in the world did you get that?" "My Heavenly Father sent it." Then the priest wanted to know more about Him, was converted, became a preacher, and died a martyr in the Boxer war. -- Sunday School Times