God-sent rain put out a forest fire to keep a holy fire burning



A wicked Swede and wife who came to the meetings had a very smart little boy about five or six years old. I think he was an only child and they almost worshipped him. The father, mother, and little boy came nearly every night. The little boy sat on the front seat and listened very intently. The next day after he had been to several services he took the Bible stepped up on a chair and waved his arms, as he had seen the preacher do, and began to shout and preach about some solemn subjects such as hell. He would say, "Oh, ye sinners if you don't repent you will all go to hell." The parents were frightened nearly out of their wits. They did not dare to stop him, it was so awful and unearthly. He kept it up day after day until they could stand it no longer, came to the altar and sought the Lord. God seemed to take different ways of convincing the people that God was with us, and in the services. We went out in the country to dinner one day. They had been having a terrible forest fire for days all over the north country. They had had a long dry spell. Some of the buildings were threatened including the one where we were eating dinner. The people were very much excited and worried. They asked us if we would not pray God to send a rain and put out the fire. We started home after dinner and prayer, and before we had gone far it began to sprinkle, then rain, and then pour. It kept it up for days until all of the fires were put out all over the north country. We did not take the credit, we left it with the Lord. Thus closed a very unusual meeting in the northland of Michigan. We organized a society, nineteen joined the church and we won a great victory...


From: MY LIFE STORY By Amos L. Haywood, Published By Sanders Print Shop, Stanwood, Michigan, No Date