A Bible given by a messenger of the Lord



Brother Yun was saved at the age of 16. His mother was a Christian; she came to the Lord at a very young age. During the Cultural Revolution, missionaries were persecuted and forced to leave the country, so many sheep were left without a shepherd. It was at this difficult time Yun's mother left the Lord.

When he was 16, his father became very ill. The doctor said there was no hope for him. One night, Yun's mother heard a very gentle voice saying, 'Jesus loves you.' She was awakened by the Lord. So she got up and knelt down to pray. Once again she repented of her sins and rededicated herself to the Lord. Quite miraculously, the next day, Yun's father was healed. Aware that it was Jesus who healed his father, Yun too accepted the Lord. He also decided in his heart to serve Jesus.

His mother then told him that all the teachings of Jesus were recorded in the Bible. From that day on, Yun longed to see a Bible. He asked the believers in Jesus what a Bible looked like. But none of them had ever seen a Bible before.

So one day, Yun walked more than 30 miles to visit a man who used to be a preacher.

As soon as he arrived, Yun told him the purpose of his visit. Seeing he was young the man did not dare show him the Bible. He said, 'The Bible is the Word of God; it is the book of heaven. No man can have a Bible. But if you really want one, you can ask God for it.'

He also told Yun to fast and pray. Yun did not know what fasting was. The preacher explained to him, 'Fasting is to go without food. When the fullness of time has come, the Lord will give you a Bible.'

Yun returned home and fasted and prayed for two months. But he did not really know how to pray. Every time he prayed he would say, 'Lord, give me a Bible. Amen.' Two months passed. Nothing happened. Yun still had not received a Bible. So he went to see the preacher again.

The preacher said, 'When you ask the Lord for a Bible, you don't just kneel down and pray. You have to weep before the Lord as well. The more earnest you are, the sooner you'll get your Bible.'

This time he ate only one meal a day and prayed and wept before the Lord. Several months passed. One day early in the morning, while Yun was sleeping, he saw an old man in his dream.

The old man asked him, 'Brother Yun, do you have anything to eat?'

Yun answered, 'No.'

The old man then handed him a bun. When Yun stretched out his hand to take it, it turned into a Bible. Yun knelt down and wept saying, 'Blessed be the Name of the Lord! He heard my prayers and has given me a Bible.'

Then Yun awoke. His weeping had awakened his parents also. When they saw him crying like that, they thought he was crazy. Yun told them about his dream, but they were all the more convinced that he had gone insane. At that moment, the door suddenly opened and two men walked in. They did not know Yun at all, but they were led by the Holy Spirit to deliver a Bible to him.

From that day Yun would memorize one chapter of the Bible every day. One day while Yun was reading the book of Acts, the Lord appeared to him in a vision. He told Yun three times to go and preach the Gospel. The Lord even told Yun the exact place where he was to serve Him. It was several years later that the following incidents took place.

From: Danyun, Lilies amongst thorns, Sovereign World Ltd. England, 1991, pages 24-25