Parker Maxey received shoes through a dream



We had started the fall term. I was badly in need of shoes. The soles on the only pair I had were worn through. During the summer months I had been cutting out cardboard and putting them in my shoes as an inner lining to "keep my feet off the ground." I was able to get by this way during the dry summer months but now fall and winter with wet and cold weather were coming on. One night I prayed, "Dear Heavenly Father, You know I need better shoes with this wet, cold weather coming on. I don't know how, but I know You will provide me with a pair."

It was but a day or two after that I got a letter from a woman, an older woman who had never been married. I didn't know her nor she me. She had heard about me through a friend of hers. In the letter was money for shoes. She wrote, "For the last three nights I have had a dream and each dream was about a pair of men's shoes. It seemed strange to me that I, a maiden woman, should be dreaming about men's shoes. But every time I had the dream you were in the dream, so I am sending you this money for shoes."

Once again my Heavenly Father had met my need!