Before they shop, I will deliver



Incident happened in 1958


Finances were extremely tight in the new Neighborhood Church of Commack. In fact, we had no salary at all for a long time, and then only $5 a week! But God was wonderfully faithful to our little family of three. Before we had moved there, He had given us a promise when we had wondered how we would eat, and especially if we could be sure of having food for little Brian, who was about one year old. The promise was so very specific: ‘Verily thou shalt be fed!’

One day Elaine made out her grocery list in preparation for a trip to the A&P market. It was very specific. We did not make impulse purchases. There was no room for that kind of thing in our lifestyle of those days.

Before she could go out the door, the doorbell rang. It was Doris Stondell, one of the ladies of our tiny congregation. She had in her arms two bags of groceries for us! We carried them up that grand circular staircase to our kitchen and unpacked them. In those bags were all the items on the grocery list, even to the very brands we would have selected from the shelves. God had sent Doris grocery shopping for us.

His promise is: “Before they call, I will answer”.

Let’s paraphrase that promise this way: ‘Before they shop, I will deliver their groceries’.


From: Charles W. Shepson, Quite miracles and other true stories of God’s guidance, provision and care, published by Christian Publications Inc., Camp Hill PA, printed in the USA, 2001, page 102