"Feed the child Eagle Brand evaporated milk."



During their next venture in Hong Kong, the trials continued as they had before. A son was born to them, delivered by cesarean section, who weighed only 3 pounds. Rarely did an infant so premature live during those times. To complicate matters, the baby was unable to keep any milk on his stomach. Having already buried two daughters in Hong Kong, Alfred's heart sank, but his faith once again endured. He cried out to the Lord for help and the Lord quickly answered, speaking these words by His Spirit: "Feed the child Eagle Brand evaporated milk." This was perhaps, a simple word from God, but by no means was it a simple task to obtain this product in Hong Kong. Dr. Garr immediately began to scour the city for the milk. Having searched all over Hong Kong, he finally entered a native store and asked the Chinese owner if he carried this type of milk. The owner answered that he had some kind of milk, but was unsure what kind it was. In fact, he said that he had not ordered the product, and did not know what to do with it. When the owner found the mysterious product which he had received by mistake, it was indeed the Eagle Brand evaporated milk. Alfred bought the entire case from the owner, his heart leaping with gratitude to God. His newborn son immediately took the milk and his life was spared.


Steve Thompson