Found by an angel



In this final lost and found miracle story, I build a bridge to my next topic, "Miracles of Angelic Intervention." Sandra Wezowicz was amazed at how God answered her prayer for protection of her lost possession. She tells the story in her words:

Early on a Thursday morning, I pulled into the local service station to get some gas. I was preoccupied and in a hurry. The day's to-do list was longer than the day itself. I eased up to the first pump, turned off the ignition, and, as if on automatic pilot, grabbed the first nozzle for super unleaded gas, lifted the lever, and began to pump. Nothing came out. Then my eye caught the new sign, "Please Prepay."

I grabbed my wallet out of my purse on the front seat, dashed in, and handed the young woman at the cash register a ten dollar bill. I pumped my gas and went on my way.

Several miles down the busy road I gasped with horror as I remembered that I had left my wallet on the roof of the car! I immediately pulled over, hoping against hope that my wallet might still be there. But there was no wallet.

I did not have much money in the wallet, though I did have five credit cards, my driver's license, photos, and other personal stuff. I felt sick to lose all of them.

With great fervency, I cried out, "O God, help me! Please put an angel on my wallet."

Suddenly and, I have to admit, with great surprise, a feeling of incredible peace flooded through me. I drove to my destination and called my husband with the news. I hated to admit my stupidity and carelessness. His response was practical: "Call the bank and credit card companies and cancel the cards."

"But honey," I protested, "I just know the Lord has an angel on it."

"Fine, but please cancel the cards anyway."

Hanging up, I made that my first priority of business. The next day, Friday, I spent replacing my driver's license and looking for a new wallet. I figured I might as well enjoy the weekend and wait until Monday to work on replacing the cards. On Sunday afternoon I attended a musical concert with some of my friends. Afterwards, when I walked into the house, my husband had good news. "Sandy, your wallet is on the kitchen counter. Donna"--the music teacher who used to teach with me--"brought it over. One of her neighbors found it."

I called Donna to thank her and ask for a few details. She explained that an older, Hispanic couple living in the next apartment found the wallet early Thursday morning while out walking. When they showed her the wallet, Donna told them she knew me and would return it.

I was overjoyed. On Monday morning I went to the florist and ordered a bud vase of roses. I wanted to thank them in person. I drove to the complex, found their apartment, and knocked on the door. An older woman with a kind face opened the door. I knew her English wasn't very good, so I spoke simply and with hand gestures. "Thank you," I said, showing her my wallet. "I'm Sandy and these are for you." After I handed her the flowers, I pointed toward heaven, "I prayed and asked Jesus to send an angel to find my wallet."

She gasped, put her hand over her heart, and whispered, "My husband, he find it. His name is Angel!"

Sometimes miracles come in such unexpected ways that we who are on the receiving end stand back in amazement and exclaim, "God did it! He did it just for me." We feel like throwing a party--like the woman in Luke 15 who found her lost coin, like the father whose lost son returned home.

God cares about our lost--people and things!


From: Miracles Happen When You Pray by Quin Sherrer, 1997, pag. 94-96, Zondervan Publishing House,  Grand Rapids, Michigan.