Harry Wiese tested God's promise for daily bread



Harry Wiese, laboring in interior China when war broke out between the Japanese and the Chinese, was severely tested by the devil, who said, "If you stay in China and continue your missionary work, you will starve to death during the war."

Harry was a man to trust God in all the things of his life. He believed God could direct him as well as supply every need. Many had been the times when he had tested God's promises and found that they were true. So he took this matter which the devil threw in his teeth to the Lord.

Suddenly God seemed to whisper: "I will stand between you and starvation."

Instantly the many promises of God for food, shelter, protection, and guidance flashed into Harry's mind with a new and vivid meaning. So the missionary quietly looked up into the face of his Heavenly Father and said, "I will stay in China."

At once the heavenly Voice again spoke, saying, "Ye shall eat of the fat of the land."

Soon war broke out in earnest and many bombs fell upon the particular city where the missionary was. Harry had taken the matter to the Lord and he said, "With those words of God ringing in my ears I could do nothing but stay."

After the bombs had fallen upon the city and multiplied thousands had been killed, one of the native workers rushed to the city and asked, "Is the missionary alive?"

Instantly Harry appeared on the scene, and the native worker thanked God that the missionary's life had been spared. He said, "Plaster and windows in the buildings twelve miles away have been broken and destroyed, and this city lies in ruins, and I thought that you must have been killed."

The missionary thanked God, in the presence of the native pastor and the Christian Chinese who had been spared in this terrible bombing, that God had saved his life. Shortly thereafter when there was no food for the missionary to eat, God supplied food, and particularly one food for which the missionary had a great liking, sweet potatoes. The native people said, "Thank you, Pastor, for staying in China and undergoing this suffering."

The missionary replied: "Don't thank me for staying, but thank the Lord for keeping me. I want my reward in heaven and not here on earth. God's Word and His promise are sure, for they never fail."


From: ANSWERED PRAYER IN MISSIONARY SERVICE By Basil William Miller, Beacon Hill Press, Kansas City, Missouri. First Printing, April 1951 Second Printing, July 1951 Printed in United States of America