Two eggs




Toward the end of June, 1990, I and my brother were going from one town and village to another, evangelizing. We arrived at Terzi, a little village near Bracciano, where we stayed for about a day.

Since we wanted to know the hours of the bus which passed through Terzi and went to Bracciano, we asked a young man named Luca for the bus hours and we took the opportunity to speak to him about the salvation in Jesus Christ. Since he told us that his parents had a farm, where he was going to work, we said to him that we wanted to buy from him some fresh milk, so we gave him some money and he went to take the milk. After a few moments, when Luca was far from us (for he left us running) and we could not see him any longer, I said to my brother: ‘Renato, we could have asked him to bring us two eggs also!’ But it was too late!! After some time, Luca came back. He had brought us a bottle full of milk and two eggs. We were astonished, and we asked him: ‘Why have you brought us these eggs?’’ His reply was: ‘My mother said to me: why don’t you bring also two eggs to those young men?’ We rejoiced in the Lord, recognizing that the Lord had granted us what we wanted to have.

To God be the glory now and forever. Amen.


Giacinto Butindaro