Healings, miracles, signs and wonders


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Biblical Teaching concerning healings, miracles, signs and wonders


Testimonies marked with asterix (*) were translated from Italian



1. Demoniac set free

2. Blind man healed

3. Epilectic seizure healed

4. Cornelio Closa, the disappearing boy

5. The strange story of Clarita Villanueva

6. He had been dedicated to the devil before he was born, but one day he was delivered from the demons by the power of the Lord

7. Florence

8. Healings in Sweden

9. The first discovery in Indonesia

10. 'You have a black angel'

11. In America

12. A testimony given by Douglas Scott

13. Healings occurred in South Africa

14. Demonstrations of the power of God

15. Arturo Espinoza

16. The Betty Baxter story

17. Healed of brain cancer while eating

18. Pharmacist healed of leukaemia

19. USA: power of love from mouth of 3-year-old

20. Demons cast out

21. 'A light unto my path'

22. Senegal: 'Sugar water' from Christians miracle well

23. Healed of cancer on the breast

24. A young girl with crutches

25. According to the physicians six weeks was the extent of her life

26. Two remarkable healings

27. Healed from typhus in Ecuador

28. 'Demons must obey me'

29. A woman who was in great distress

30. He gave me back my child

31. God healed my mother

32. A personal experience

33. A sign-attested ministry

34. God's power

35. Carol Loyd, Mrs Margery Steven, and Miss Florence Munday

36. They shall cast out devils (demons)

37. His touch has still

38. Miracle in the mirror

39. That morning those tumors disappeared

40. 'I prayed I would die'

41. Ivy poison suddenly healed

42. Healed through faith

43. Instantaneously healed

44. Miraculously healed

45. Miracle of healing

46. 'See that little girl. I healed her'

47. Germany: boy healed of accident injuries

48. A wonderful experience

49. The wonderful cure of Mrs. Sherman

50. John Wesley healed in answer to prayer

51. God is a God who answers by rain

52. The clouds stayed in answer to prayer

53. The winds controlled in answer to John Wesley's prayer

54. A Jesus man

55. Healings at Kilsyth

56. Healing of cancer at Southsea

57. Report from the Channel Islands

58. A twenty century miracle OR Walking, Leaping, and Praising

59. Gastric ulcers healed

60. Little Samuel begins to walk and run

61. Armenia. Testimony from Miss Gerber

62. Healed of cancer

63. A wonderful case of cancer healing by the Lord

64. A girl miracle-cure

65. Testimony to the Lord's healing after forty-seven years' of suffering

66. Monsen-Storm

67. The poisonous gas

68. Testimony to healings

69. Plymouth. Remarkable case of healing

70. Testimony of healing at Bradford Convention

71. A blind woman sees

72. Woman, helpless for eleven years, walks about cured

73. The 'mighty wind' was heard again

74. Healed of diphtheria

75. Would God really heal her?

76. Healed overnight

77. An episode in Ladybrand

78. An impossible case

79. The glory barn

80. Healing hands

81. Healed of a footís deformation *

82. A decisive healing *







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