The sack of potatoes





1943 – year of war. Like many others, Daniele and Luisa were suffering from hunger. Their home refrigerator was almost empty, they had run out of potatoes so in the cellar there were no more potatoes.

Their house was in the center of the town, at the end of a curve of the main road. Cars and lorries often took that curve at high speed. On that morning the prayer of our two friends was brutally interrupted; the roar of an engine, the screeching of the tyres and a loud noise produced by the fall of something …. That little house was shaken.

‘This time they exaggerate’ said Luisa – ‘you should go underground to see if the wall stood up!’

Daniele smiled, he shrugged his shoulders, however he went down into the cellar in order to reassure his wife.

Do you know what he saw? He saw a wonderful sack of potatoes which had been snatched from the lorry by the centrifugal force and had been dropped by the vent which had remained open.

The lorry was far, it was impossible to identify it. Our friends knelt down, this time in order to thank the Lord


Author unknown