Many years ago God arranged an encounter between us and a brother named Stanley Harper in Switzerland: it was Sunday. We stayed with him several hours and we talked with him about the things pertaining to the Kingdom of God and we were edified and encouraged through brother Stanley Harper.

Brother Stanley, who was at the time about sixty years old, was the pastor of a Pentecostal Church in England and he preached the Gospel also in the streets. Here is what he told us.

He was travelling by sea, he was on a ship which shuttled between England and Barbados - a Caribbean island located in the North Atlantic Ocean, northeast of Venezuela - (however, I donít remember whether he was going to Barbados or he was coming back from there), which was brother Harperís country of origin, where he went to preach the Gospel from time to time. While he was on the ship, the Lord gave him the opportunity to preach the salvation which is in Christ Jesus. He preached in a hall of the ship which was placed at his disposal by those who had that authority on the ship. Brother Harper sang at least a song to the Lord (he liked very much singing). At the end of the meeting Ė I would like to make it clear that brother Stanley did not ask for money after the preaching nor before it Ė it came to pass that the one who gave him the permission to preach said to those who were present that I would be a good thing to collect an offering for that missionary. So they collected some money, I donít remember exactly how much money was collected but I do remember that the money was only a few pounds.

Well, brother Stanley, who had not asked for anything, accepted that money and he put it in his pocket. Afterward, brother Harper told us, it happened that after he spent that money for his own needs, when he put again his hand in his pockets he found again the same sum of money; that happened several times.

To God be the glory now and forever. Amen.


Giacinto Butindaro