Miracle at a grocery store



According to the Glen Eyrie News, in a story dated August 19, 1992, a poor widow of Sao Paolo, Brazil, had four children to feed but only five cruzadoes in her purse (about 20 cents). The decision she had to make was to buy either milk, which meant her children would go without food, or to buy bread, in which case they would go without drink. She prayed for two hours, and He told her to buy all the groceries she needed for three months at a huge supermarket and go through checkout stand seven (there are 124 check stands).

She went to the supermarket and dutifully filled up three carts to overflowing and went to checkout stand number seven. But the employee was leaving for lunch and motioned her to go through another stand. The woman replied, "But my Father told me to go through number seven." The checker left for lunch, but this widow, who heard God's voice, trusted and stayed at checkout stand seven for one hour with 20 cents to her name.

The checker returned, astonished and puzzled to see the same lady waiting all that time. As her groceries were added up, an announcement came over the loud speaker, "Good afternoon, shoppers! Today is the seventh anniversary of our opening, and the person in checkout stand seven gets all her groceries today free!"

God is still capable of doing miracles like that and I'm sure that many of you have some interesting stories to tell. But God doesn't always do those sorts of miracles. Rather, His plan seems to be very similar to the way it was in the Old Testament times. Just as their obedience to the laws about harvesting made provision for the fatherless, that responsibility falls on the rest of God's people.


Glen Eyrie News, August 19, 1992