God-sent, earthly rain brought great spiritual refreshing



"I crossed the river and went to my appointment, which was at J. More's on Broad Creek. The people assembled, from all quarters; and many came out, some from afar, who were enemies to the way. I had scarcely opened my mouth when my burden dropped off, and in an uncommon manner the Holy Scriptures were opened to me; and the flame ran from heart to heart. I felt as though I had almost faith enough to remove mountains. One thing was noticed, not only by my friends, but likewise by those who were enemies, -- there had been a great drought, so that the vegetable creation hung in mourning; and it was thought by many they would lose their crops if it continued much longer. In a particular manner I was led to pray for rain; and a few minutes after the congregation was dismissed, the face of the sky was covered with blackness, and we had a plentiful shower. This greatly surprised and convinced the people. I was now happy enough to see the prosperity of the young converts. While the Lord was plentifully watering the earth, I collected the family for prayer; and we had a great time of refreshing from the presence of the Lord. My soul was so happy while the Lord was uttering his voice in thunder, that it seemed as if I saw, by an eye of faith, the blessed Jesus, and the glorified company around him, in exalted strains, singing and shouting his praise. And this joy continued with me till some time in the night; I then sweetly rested in the arms of my Lord.


From: THE LIFE OF FREEBORN GARRETTSON Compiled From His Printed And Manuscript Journals, And Other Authentic Documents. By Nathan Bangs, Third Edition Revised And Corrected. New York, Published By J. Emory And B. Waugh, At The Conference Office, 14 Crosby-Street. J. Collord, Printer. 1832