Faith removes a mound



Another story I have related is perhaps misunderstood, and I will repeat it shortly. We wanted to build a chapel, and the town surveyor showed us a piece of land which the authorities would be willing to sell. It would suit us, but there was a mound consisting of parts of a fortification on the land. It would be too costly for us to remove it, and the authorities absolutely refused to remove it, and said we must buy it with the mound on it, or not buy it at all. The Lord said to me, “Buy the land and trust Me, and the mound will be removed.” We trusted the Lord and bought the land, and a little later one morning when we went to the place we found the mound had been removed. So far as we were concerned we had done absolutely nothing in the way of removing the mound.

Pastor Boddy explained that, in answer to the trusting prayer of Brother Friemel, the Lord had put it into the hearts of the authorities to remove the obstruction. Thus in His own way God could remove either mounds or mountains.




Confidence, Vol. IV, No. 8, August 1911, pag. 184, Sunderland, England