Kiyomatsu Kimura came to America to learn of Dwight L. Moody how to be an evangelist. Moody was impressed by the young man and advised him to secure training at the Moody Institute. They were then at San Jose, California, and Mr. Moody bethought himself that the Japanese student might not have money enough for the ticket. "Have you any money?" he asked. "Yes," replied Kimura. "How much?" "Thirty-five cents." "How do you expect to get to Chicago on thirty-five cents?" "How do you interpret Philippians 4:19?" "Very well, I shall expect to see you in Chicago in September." [Philippians 4:19 "But my God shall supply all your need according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus."]

Kimura held revival meetings in San Jose among his countrymen, and established a church of fifty members that summer. Bishop Harris, under whom he had labored, gave him a ticket to Chicago, and his grateful church members presented him with a purse of fifty dollars. He went there and pursued the two years' course, and then was ready to return to Japan to labor. But whence would come his ticket there? One evening he was one of three speakers in a St. Louis meeting, but the preceding speaker took an hour and a half for his talk and just one minute was left for Kimura. "My name is Kirmra," he said. "I am from Japan. I have no mission board or fence behind me, only God Almighty. Remember me in your prayers.

After the meeting as he was passing out in the crowd he felt someone's hand in his pocket. Turning he saw a little old woman withdrawing her hand. She quickly slipped away in the crowd. In the pocket she had left an envelope with money enough to take him to Japan and then have a good supply over. He always remembered Philippians 4:19. Selected


From: ILLUSTRATIVE MATERIAL Compiled By J. Glenn Gould