A child's prayer of faith



Tommy Brant was a bright little five-year-old boy who lived in the big city of Chicago. One day his father was brought home on a stretcher. He had been shot. There were two bullets in his body and he was dying.

Tommy's mother had trusted Jesus as her physician for many years, but when she saw her husband lying there so white and still she forgot that the Bible says that all things are possible with God, and all things are possible to him that believeth, and she sent straight away for two surgeons. They probed the wound, but could not find the bullets, and told her and there was no hope, and went away.

Tommy heard the surgeons say that his father could not live, but it did not trouble him, for he had learned to pray and Jesus always answered his prayers. So without saying anything to his mother he ran away to his closet where he always prayed. After while, his mother found him there and said, "Come to mother, darling." "I'se can't come now, mother, I'se praying for father." The mother went away broken-hearted to think that her husband must die, and little Tommy would lose his faith in God, because his prayers would not be answered.

After while, she went to the little lad again and said, "Do come to mother, darling." He said, "I'se can't come yet, mother, I'se done praying. I'se waiting for the evidence." The poor mother went back to her dying husband more sorrowful than ever. After while, a bright cloud came down and settled all over the darling boy. He jumped from his knees and ran to his mother shouting, "I'se got the evidence! Father will live."

The dying man opened his eyes and smiled. By the power of God those bullets moved slowly to the surface and dropped out and the wound healed. In about ten days, Tommy's father went back to his work to tell the workmen how God heard and answered the prayer of "a little child." -- A Tract.


From: THRILLING STORIES For Young And Old By Julia A. Shelhamer, God's Bible School and College, Cincinnati, Ohio. No Date