When the storm cloud came



In February, 1931, our district was reduced to a state of famine, and there was yet another month to wheat harvest. We had helped many, but one day when the Christians came for help we had to tell them we had nothing left. I told them that God was a prayer-hearing and prayer-answering God. They proposed to come and join in my prayer each afternoon. On the fourth day of the intercession I was called out of the meeting to see what was happening. In the north was a dark cloud approaching, and as we watched, it crossed our district and rained heavily. It was not an ordinary rain, but a deluge of little black seeds in such abundance they could be shoveled up. they asked, "What is it?" The seeds proved edible and the supply so great it sustained the people until harvest. We learned later that the storm had risen in Mongolia and wrecked the places where this grain (called KaoLiang) was stored. The seed was carried fifteen hundred miles to drop on the district where prayer was being answered. -- The Sunday School Times