I'll take that one, Lord



What would you do if you had needs but no money to meet them? Annette Smith found out how God can provide for a widow in ways that do not necessarily involve cold cash.

Newly widowed, Annette was overwhelmed on several fronts. Financially, she was trying to pay off medical bills. As a homeowner, there was property to manage. When spring came, she started thinking about selling the house--surrounded by two acres of lawn. She faced a major problem: The lawnmowers no longer worked.

One weekend, as she got ready to go to her Mom's for a visit, she took another look at the weeds and grass--or was it a hayfield?

"God, if you want this mowed, okay. But if not, I'll praise you anyway," she said as she drove off.

When she returned home, she couldn't believe her eyes. The entire two acres had been beautifully manicured. Two friends admitted they had hand-mowed it.

Annette was exuberantly grateful, and yet she faced reality: The grass would grow back and continue to need mowing.

Without a husband, she depended on God for everything, talking to him just as she had formerly talked to her husband, Gene. "Lord, I know I need to be specific when I ask for something...." Flipping through the current Sears catalog, she stopped at a page picturing a beautiful selfstarter tractor mower that cost one thousand dollars. "That one will do, God. Thanks."

Then she noticed a hand-mower she would also need to reach around the edges. "And that one too, God," she said, placing her finger on the catalog picture. She certainly did not have the money for such expensive equipment. But Annette left her request where she had put it--in God's hands.

Later that spring a Sears truck drove up, and the delivery man said, "Here's your order."

"I didn't order anything from Sears."

"Are you Annette Smith?"


"Then these are yours," he said, as he unloaded his cargo--the exact self-starter tractor mower she had seen and prayed for. Then he brought out a hand-mower--the very one she had pointed to in the catalog. Finally, he unloaded an electric trimmer for weeds--a bonus she hadn't requested.

Annette later discovered the identity of her benefactor. A friend of Gene's had felt the Lord say to him, "When you sell that motorcycle, buy Annette Smith a tractor mower and a hand-mower." He had figured they would cost a certain amount, but when he went to buy them, he had enough money left over to get the electric trimmer.

Annette gladly accepted God's provision through a friend. But to her it was a miraculous answer to her specific prayer.

If God was that concerned about a Wisconsin widow and her grass, isn't he just as concerned about you and your personal needs? Of course he is! Her story encourages us to pray specifically for the things we need--and to wait expectantly for one of God's surprises.


From: Miracles Happen When You Pray by Quin Sherrer, 1997, pag. 36, 37, Zondervan Publishing House,  Grand Rapids, Michigan.