God is able to speak to cows



Healing helps us in various ways. I was holding a meeting in Indiana, and there were two sisters, unmarried, lovely girls, good singers, good leaders and workers, beautiful characters; hence they had a good influence over those whom they met. The first service was Sunday morning. They were there and at their post. I saw that they were going to be a great help. Sunday night they did not come, and Monday night they did not come. So I went over to see about it. "Well," they said, "Brother Bevington, we are here with mother, and we make our living on milk and butter, and the cows do not get up here in time for us to get to the meeting, and we actually haven't the time to hunt them up as they have a large range to run in." I said, "What time would it be necessary for the cows to be here in order that you could get to church?" "Oh they would have to be here much earlier than they come, so we just can't come." I said, "Now that isn't what I asked you. Please answer my question." "Well, Brother Bevington, I know, but they never come." "There it is again. Now please answer my question. What time would they have to be here?" "Oh, well, there is no use talking about that as they never come." "There it is again. Now please answer my question." "Oh, well, they would have to be here by 5:00 p. m." "All right, that is what I wanted to know. Now have they a bell?" "Yes, a large one." "Well, you listen for that bell at 4:45 p. m."

I went to my room, got down on my face and said, "Now, you know Lord we need these girls there, as they will save my voice, and add much to the good results of the meeting. So now please have that bell in hearing distance at 4:45." I kept digging and holding on as it was about two o'clock when I went on my face. At 4:30 one of the girls said, laughingly, "Well, our time is nearly up." The other said, "Oh, do you think those cows will be here at 4:45, or be in hearing?" Well he told us to listen, and there won't be any harm in listening and I am going out and open the gate." So after she had opened the gate she looked toward the woods, and, lo, to her surprise the bell was heard and she called to the sister. Out she came, and said, "Well, well, they are coming sure." I looked at the clock. It was just 4:45 exactly.

They both came to church early and told this experience, and it was a great boon to the meeting. Those cows came up at 4:45 every night during the meeting, and did more effective preaching than Bevington did, as it was noised all over and many came to see that fellow who could bring those cows up there at that unreasonable hour.