The healing of a horse



I was back of Chillicothe, Ohio, one spring, holding a meeting; and the brother with whom I was stopping came in, and said, "Wife, I don't know just what to do as Bolly (the mare) was too lame to get to the barn, much less to take a load of truck to Chillicothe." "Well," she said, "go down to your brother's and get his." He went down, but came back without the horse. She said, "Go up to my brother's." He went up there, but came back without a horse. As they were talking in regard to what could be done, as the people were depending on his load in town that day, I said, "What is the matter with your horse?" "Come down to the barn." I laid my Bible down and went out to the barn. The horse's limb was swollen twice its normal size, and she could not raise it. She had eaten nothing all night and that morning. The brother and I went up to the house, and I said, "Brethren, don't you believe Jesus heals?" The sister said, "Oh, of course I know that He heals human beings. When you were here last fall, He healed our girl through your prayer. But Brother Bevington, did you ever hear of His healing animals?" I said, "That isn't answering my question. You will admit that He healed the girl last fall." "Oh, yes, most assuredly, and we all three have testified to that here in our church; and most everybody believes that Jesus did heal her, but -- ." "Now," I said, "we don't want any of those 'buts' here in this case. Jesus didn't use them." "Well, what shall I say?" I said, "If nothing but these 'buts' has a voice, you just keep still." Well she just laughed heartily, and said, "You seem to believe that He will heal Bolly." "Why shouldn't He?" "Oh, Brother Bevington, I would be so glad if He would; not simply that Bolly might be healed so we could use her; but it would stir this whole neighborhood, and be a great help in this meeting." "Well," I said, "what are we going to do about it?" "What are we going to do?" she said. "It is up to you," I answered.

The husband had been a silent listener. This was entirely new to him. I s aid, "Can't Jesus heal Bolly?" Silence reigned for about twenty minutes. The girl had come in, and also was a listener to what had been said. Finally, she said, "Well Jesus healed me, and Bolly is worth more than I, so why wouldn't He heal her?" Well, I just let them reason and think for about an hour. Finally I said, "You folks are not getting anywhere. Can Jesus or can He not heal this morning?" Another spell of silence gripped them for about ten minutes, which was broken by the wife's saying, "Brother Bevington, if you will believe, I will." I said, "Do you mean that?" "Yes, I do." I said, "Come on." Then I said, "Now, brother, if you can't believe, you stay here at the house." He began to cry and we all stood there. Soon he said, "I will not stay here. I will believe." We all went down to the barn, and I said, "Now, lead her out here." "Oh, Brother Bevington, we can't. She can't lift her foot over that sill." So I went in. I said, "I will lay my hand on her limb. Each of you do the same, putting your hand s below mine." So they did. "Now as we pray, we will move our hands down as the Lord leads." I began to get warmed up on the subject, and was impressed that we move our hands down some, perhaps an inch. Well, we kept that up for about forty or fifty minutes; and as our hands went down, the swelling went out, so that by the time our hands reached the hoof, the swelling was all gone. Well, the man just wept like a child. He had never seen anything like that. He took the mare out, hitched her up and took the load to town; and there was not a limp, either on the way there or back. I forgot to say that as soon as we reached the hoof the mare whinnied. Then we opened our eyes, the swelling was gone. The man said, "She is now hungry." He gave her thirteen ears of corn, which she soon had demolished. He stood speechless and crying, while the wife and I were rejoicing.

So, as the woman had said, that was a great boon to our meeting, as the mare had been limping all winter, and many knew of her swollen limb. Many came to the meeting who never were there before, and quite a number got salvation.