Fed by ravens in answer to prayer



Li was a Christian Chinese youth who depended upon God to supply all of his needs. Many times after he had broken away from his Chinese idols and become a Christian he was without food, because the heathen Chinese his friends, neighbors, and relatives would not give him any work. On one particular occasion when he was without food a heathen cousin brought him food, and Li thanked him for answering his prayers.

When Li mentioned this answer to prayer the cousin said: "God didn't answer your prayer. I will have no more of such talk as this. I do not believe in it."

Whereupon Li said, "God fed Elijah by the ravens, and He is able to do the same by me."

The cousin raged: "Then if you talk like that, I will have no more to do with you and I will bring you no more food. And besides, I heard the missionaries talking last week and they said that the ravens there were merely the Arabians that came along and supplied Elijah's needs, and God didn't send the ravens to do it."

As the cousin left, Li asked God to bless this relative and to help him to win him to Jesus Christ as his Saviour.

Shortly thereafter Li's food was all gone and there was nothing to eat. He knelt in his simple home and asked God to supply food. When his prayers took hold and his faith seized the throne of God, he arose from his knees with the assurance that food would be shortly coming. Walking outside of the building, he stood for a while, when he noticed a black raven flying by with something in its mouth. Another bird swooped down on the raven and caused him to loosen his hold on whatever it was in his mouth, and suddenly a large piece of meat fell to the ground right at Li's feet. Picking it up, he took it into his home and prepared it for cooking. When the food had been cooking for some time, Li looked out and noticed his cousin coming toward his home. On arriving, the cousin walked in and smelled the flavor of food cooking and he asked, "What is this that I smell?"

"God sent this meat in answer to my prayers. I saw a raven flying through the sky with it, and another bird attacked him and the meat fell at my feet. God fed me by the ravens, as He did Elijah."

Immediately the heathen cousin asked Li to pray for him; and, before they ate the meat together which God had supplied in answer to prayer through the ravens, this heathen cousin accepted Jesus as his Saviour.


From: ANSWERED PRAYER IN MISSIONARY SERVICE By Basil William Miller, Beacon Hill Press, Kansas City, Missouri. First Printing, April 1951 Second Printing, July 1951 Printed in United States of America