A train “held up” by prayer and faith



About seven years ago I desired to have the presence at a service of a beloved pastor, very much resembling Pastor Boddy. He said he could not come unless he could be sure of catching a certain express train that night to take him home. The train was two hours’ carriage ride from the meeting-place, and it was discovered that there was left only an hour and three-quarters. The coachman said it was no good, as it was impossible to get to the station in time. That weighed very heavily upon my heart, and I asked myself the question, “Can we not do anything?” and there came another voice to me, and said, “Yes, you can do something.” So I prayed and said, “Lord, I trust Thee that Thou wilt do it--that this dear brother shall reach the station at the right time.” How the Lord did it I don’t know; the coachman saw when a long way off that the express had reached the station. It had only one minute to stay, and the coachman was then nearly a quarter of an hour away from the station. But the Lord said to him, “Go on to the station.” When they arrived there the train was still in the station, and the dear pastor asked for his ticket in the usual way, and got into the train and then it started. The engine driver had been unable to start the engine, trying to get it forward and backward, and could not find out what was the matter with it, but after the pastor had been seated the engine went forward. The station-master himself related this story to me the next day. He said he didn’t know how it came to pass. I said I knew. I held the train back, the pastor was compelled to go on that train. I had prayed, and God had sent His angels and they kept the train back until the pastor was seated. The official looked at me and laughed. I laughed also, and said to him, “Well, now you know it, you must not report me.”




Confidence, Vol. IV, No. 8, August 1911, pag. 184, Sunderland, England