Faith at five



There was a little boy in my Sunday School at Mülheim-Ruhr, in Germany, five years old. His mother told him in the winter, on a Sunday, that they would all go together to their relatives in another part of the city; but there was a great snow-storm, and the mother said. “We cannot go because of the snow-storm.” Then said Iittle Hermann, “I shall ask Jesus to take away the snow-storm.” So he did. After dinner he said: “Mother, get your cloak, we’ll go.“ The mother said: “Don’t you see the snow? We cannot go.” Then the little boy answered: “Dear mamma, I asked the Lord Jesus, and He will take away all the snow.” The mother was ashamed at such faith, so she dressed herself and her little boys and the baby; but there was still


outside. She went to the stand to get the umbrella. Then little Hermann said: “Why do you trouble about an umbrella? I have asked the Lord Jesus; we will not have any snow.” But the mother answered: “But can’t you see it is snowing? Look out of the window;” and Hermann said: “Mamma, I will open the door, and you will see if I go out of the door the snow will stop at once.” The dear mother, astonished, put the umbrella away. The little party set out with little Hermann in front. The boy opened the door with a smiling face, and jumped down the steps. Only one flake of snow dropped upon his little nose, then he broke out with great joy: “Sichst du, mutter, der schnee ist weg. Hallelujah! (i.e., “You see, mother, the snow has gone. Hallelujah!”)

The Lord answered the prayer of such a little boy of five years old. With dry feet they went to their relatives. As they were in the house the snow-storm began again, but in the evening, as they went back home, it was quite fine.




Uhlandstr, 61, Germany,

July, 1911.




Confidence, Vol. IV, No. 9, September 1911, pag. 210, Sunderland, England