When I was thirteen years old, my daddy was killed in an explosion on his job. I remember how devastated I was when I was told the awful news. His death left my mama with four children to raise alone. I was the oldest. My daddy had made a good living for us so we got a pretty good check each month from his social security. There were lean times, though, when the end of the month came and all the money was gone.

One day, at the end of the month, I was in the kitchen helping mama clean. I opened the refrigerator and looked in the freezer to see if I could decide what mama would fix for supper. There was no meat to be found. I had never seen our freezer so empty. I said to mama, "What are we going to have for supper tonight?"

My mama replied, "What do you want, Honey?"

Without thinking, I said, "Fish!" Fish was my favourite meal and living in Wilmington, North Carolina near the coast, it was readily attainable. In fact, we had fish quite often, and shrimp, and steamed oysters, etc.!

At this point, mama assured me that fish it would be, much to my delight. She did not tell me that we were out of money for the month and she had no way of getting fish or any other kind of meat for supper. She was very good at making suppers from vegetables and cornbread. My mama told me later that she had felt impressed to tell me that my request would be granted. Later, she said she slipped away and prayed to God to supply the fish to get her out of her dilemma in which she had gotten herself.

Later that day the doorbell rang. When she opened the door, there stood Mr. Thompson and in his hands was a pan of fish. He said he was passing through the neighbourhood and felt impressed to bring us a "mess of fish." Could we use them? Of course we could and how good they were, fresh out of the ocean.

This story will remain etched in my memory forever. It reminds me that God is so good. Like an earthly father, He does not want his children to go without the things they need, especially their daily food. He sends His helpers to supply His children's needs!


Patsie Collins

Union Road Church of God

Gastonia, North Carolina