Her food supply kept multiplying



Jackie Womack knows what it is like to have God multiply her food supply. How he does it, she doesn't know. But she remembers a particular week some ten years ago when he answered her prayer with a miracle.

Jackie was home caring for five small children while her salesman husband was away trying to make some money for the family.

Their food supply was scarce. All she had was one loaf of bread, one gallon of milk, a carton of eggs, a box of cereal, and a little bit of hamburger meat.

Every time she cooked a meal, miraculously there seemed to be just enough left for the next meal. And so it went the rest of the week.

But one night the supply dried up. She served dinner, and then her cupboard was bare. She and the children prayed together, thanking God for his coming provision. She was careful not to let the children know the food had finally run out.

After she got the children into bed, Jackie sat down to read her Bible. She paused from her reading and prayed, "Lord, it says here in Psalms that your children will never beg for bread. I am going to believe that you will somehow provide food for our table. I believe we will never have to beg for food. Thank you...."

Before she even finished praying, the phone rang. The friend on the other end said, "As I was praying tonight, I became concerned for your family. I felt I should call and tell you that tomorrow I am giving you $150 for your needs. I couldn't go to bed until I told you what God impressed on my heart."

Not only had Jackie seen the multiplication of the food during the week, but in answer to the prayers of her children and herself, God spoke to someone to provide money to stock her pantry.

Jackie was amazed at the intricate timing of the Lord. Within minutes of the children's prayers, and precisely as she was calling upon the Lord to fulfill his promise, God answered specifically through someone who heard and obeyed the leading of the Spirit. Jackie was overwhelmed by God's goodness and spent the next moments praising and thanking him. In fact, this experience became a marker in Jackie's life, one experience among many that she often looks back upon--reminders of God's faithfulness, reminders that he is a sure and stable foundation on which she and her children can be secure.


From: Miracles Happen When You Pray by Quin Sherrer, 1997, pag. 48, 49, Zondervan Publishing House,  Grand Rapids, Michigan.