Miraculous provision



What he lacked in formal preparation for missions, Alfred Garr made up for in faith. Upon their arrival in India, not knowing a soul in the country and without financial backing, the Garrs discovered that their onboard luggage had been stolen. The only possessions remaining were those in their hand-carried cases. Undeterred, they rented a room in the most inexpensive section of Calcutta, where they counted their money and found they had enough only for breakfast the next morning. Knowing that God had sent him to India, he trusted the Lord to provide whatever his family needed after the money ran out.

The next morning after breakfast, while the family was in prayer, a British officer, Captain Angelsmith, arrived at their door inquiring if a man named Garr lived there.

He related that while praying earlier that morning God had spoken to him, giving him Alfred Garr's name and the address where he was staying, and had instructed him to bring a bag of gold sovereigns as a gift.


Steve Thompson