Godís protection


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Biblical Teaching concerning God's protection


Testimonies marked with asterix (*) were translated from Italian



1. Angel warriors

2. Ira Sankey

3. Brand plucked out of the fire

4. Late to choir practice

5. Angels on assigment

6. God's special messenger

7. A wall of fire

8. Love unexpected

9. Delivered in a supernatural way from the Japanese soldiers

10. Supernaturally freed from jail

11. Angels guard a Church in Benin

12. Africa: 26 intercessors, 26 angels

13. The poisonous snake

14. Supernatural protection in Lili

15. Ex-GDR: Angels guard church in a barn

16. Nigeria: driving without petrol

17. Prayer can save you from tornadoes

18. Grozny/Caucasus: church untouched, 15 Muslmim rebels find Christ

19. The God of Elijah lives

20. Miraculous rescue from the bus

21. "If they drink any deadly thing it shall not hurt them"

22. Our deliverance from the Boxers (1900)

23. A sacred man

24. The giant snake

25. Let us kill this paleface

26. One ferocious woman

27. A narrow escape

28. Delivered from the hands of the enemies

29. Cannibals

30. Prayer saved the ship

31. God's protection in the life of John Gibson Paton

32. World War II: Last-minute deliverance from execution

33. Divine protection

34. He didn't see the shoes

35. How did God do it?

36. Wind from God

37. Rescued by angels

38. Was somebody praying?

39. Psalm 91, Guys! Psalm 91!

40. Katie Driver - Delivered from injury

41. Protection in Peru

42. God's bridge

43. Does God hear?

44. Protected by angels

45. Behold, i send you forth as sheep among wolves

46. 'Let them abide till the morrow'

47. The heaven built wall

48. A most miraculous escape

49. A ship's crew saved in answer to prayer

50. Only a tallow dip

51. A mob quieted in answer to prayer

52. An army miraculously delivered

53. A would-be murderer's arm paralyzed

54. Fourteen lives saved

55. 'No, Never Alone'

56. Answered prayer in air Raids

57. Marvelous escapes of Lytham Man

58. We trust in the Lord

59. Saved from a tiger

60. God's care

61. Who closed the switch

62. Strange actions

63. How an unwelcomed providence was finally understood

64. Prayer answered on a lion hunt

65. A miraculous escape in answer to prayer

66. The voice said 'turn to the left'

67. Prompted to pray for a missionary

68. 'Duck' said the voice to Harmon Schmelzenbach

69. The Chinese doctor's prayer reversed the wind

70. Missionary saved by prayer-down rain

71. I realized that he was a heavenly being sent for my protection

72. She was glad she got to the ticket window too late

73. God cares for his own

74. Then to the dogs

75. While the robber listened

76. Elijah's God lives

77. They all voted to die

78. Harm's way can be at home

79. 'For your sake, I am saving the plane'

80. Miracles on the gallows

81. Delivered through a child's prayer

82. How they learned that God answers

83. A wonder amongst cannibals

84. The child on the freeway

85. The train stops just in time

86. Protected files

87. Miracle on the mountain

88. Modern-day prodigal son

89. Heavenly protection

90. Unseen angels

91. If someone must die, kill me

92. Remarkable sea deliverances

93. Preservations

94. A man of very grave and godly countenance

95. Personal deliverances

96. The longest ride in my life

97. Heavenly hindrances

98. Invisible protection

99. Mystery man on the beach

100. Mysteryous strangers

101. That bucketful of water was for me!! *









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