Joy is convinced that God holds our undivided attention with continued creativity. He communicates His undying love and devotion in colorful ways that are unique to God alone. "My most recent assurance from God that He is aware of our circumstances came at a time when we really needed it!" Joy asserts.

Sometimes every nickel counts on a household budget. Even so Joy and her pastor-husband Wayne had said "no" to their children Ashley and Andrew more times in a single week than they felt comfortable with, so they decided to splurge. In Brig Bay, Newfoundland, Canada, where the family lives, a favorite pastime is to go for ice cream and a drive in the woods for "moose-spotting." The family headed out with just enough money for four large cones.

"You can imagine our disappointment when the ice cream vendor told us the machine was down and would take twenty minutes to repair. We decided to get on with our drive and stop for ice cream on the way home," Joy relates.

When the family's drive was over, they returned to the ice cream shop. Wayne and the children went to purchase cones while Joy stayed in the car. Wayne waited patiently at the counter for a customer to finish his transaction. The man at the counter ordered four large ice cream cones, giving one to the child with him, and surprisingly—the other three to Wayne and the children! Wayne was about to order a fourth cone for Joy, when the man returned to pay for the fourth cone. The man had seen Joy in the car and realized she would want a cone also!

"That man was not from our community or church. He didn't know we were spending our last five dollars to treat our kids," Joy reflects. What made a total stranger buy ice cream cones for an entire family that evening? Joy knows that the man was sent to be God's creative hands extended to a family who needed a reminder that their sovereign God would supply every need.

Joy learned an important lesson that night. "I silently acknowledged God's love and care for me. Sometimes He uses ravens to feed prophets. Sometimes He uses a donkey. Sometimes He speaks through fire and flood… and sometimes God uses ice cream cones!"