The poisonous snake



ĎThe thing that convinced Richard Ngidi that the Lord was with him in a special way was an instance that occurred when he went home for a weekend visit.

He used to go out into an open field to pray. As he was kneeling down praying and dedicating his life to the Lord, a poisonous snake found its way to the place where he was. Richard felt his body cringing because he could hear the movement and the hissing of the snake, but, he did not open his eyes. He continued to call upon the name of the Lord.

Suddenly he felt something hitting his clean shaven head and when he opened his eyes, he found a big snake writhing on the ground. Ngidi touched his head where he felt the blow and he was amazed that there was no blood coming out and no wound at all. The greater surprise was when he saw the snake dying in front of his eyes without him having done anything to it.

This moved Richard deeply. He had seen the power of God in a very special way. His faith in Godís power to heal and to make whole was powerfully boosted. This inspired Richard to hunger more for God and His word. Later on Ngidi discovered in Godís word the promises of Christ to the church that His disciples would Ďtake up snakesí without being hurt.


From the third chapter of the book titled What a giant of faith, written by Agrippa Khathide, Gospel Publishers, Johannesburg 1993, pages 19-20