Testimony to Healings




(From a Norwegian Paper.)



A Doctor’s Personal Experience in the course of his Practice.


In the “Stavanger Aften-Blad ” (evening paper) is found the following report of healing by prayer. The author is Dr. E. Hansen, of Flekkefjord. (We give a translation.)

I can testify (he writes) that in our own day it is true (Jas. v., 15) “that the prayer of faith shall save the sick,” and “whatsoever ye shall ask in My Name, that will I do” (John XIV., 13).

This is true to-day, but believing faith must support the prayer. I can give three cases of incurable disease who were cured as by a stroke, through believing in prayer.

1. A woman, 64, had cataracts, an incurable thing without an operation. She had an assurance she could be healed by God. She prayed earnestly, and her sight was restored to her. I have seen her without spectacles thread her needle, sew, and embroider. At her request, I wrote to two eye specialists, whom she had consulted in Kristiania. The answer was: “The person you name has consulted me, and was suffering from Cataract. I advised her to come again and be operated on, for I have never known a spontaneous cure for cataract.”

2. A girl (12), a hunchback, suffered from tuberculosis in her back, and she had to use stays and crutches. Her condition became worse. They made up their minds to go to Arendal and see a minister named Wettergreen. They prayed earnestly and believingly to God. And now the mother told me, “Elsie was quite well; even while we were praying she sprang up like a bird. I thought the doctor would like to have her crutches; here they are.”

3. A woman over 30 was suffering from tuberculosis of the lungs, and had been under my care and treatment several months. She was very delicate and slender. She got a presentiment that she could be healed, and she went to Pastor Wettergreen. After earnest prayer she was cured, and three hours later came running to me, shouting, “Oh, doctor! doctor! come and examine me now; I feel I am quite well. Thank God!” (“Doktor! doktor! kom! undersog mig; jeg er ganske frisk! Gud she lov!”) And although I made the closest possible examination of her, no sign of lung disease could I find, though it had been nearly wholly affected before.


From: Confidence, Vol. IX, No. 7, July 1916, pag. 114, 115, Sunderland, England