God is a God who answers by rain



There are 135 people groups in Myanmar (Burma). Because many are isolated in remote areas, they have yet to hear the gospel. Until a few years ago, one of these groups was the Arakans.

A Buddhist monk heard the gospel by shortwave. He became curious about the God named Jesus, so he left his monastery and came to the capital Yangon. He found the radio preacher Myo Chit, was led to Christ, and turned from his trust in Buddha. The new Christian entered Bible school and after several months returned to his home, burdened to tell the Arakans about Christ. The monks who used to be his companions prohibited the people from listening to the evangelist talk of this new God. All alone in his hometown, the new Christian continued to read the Word of God.

At the time there was a drought in the province. As the new convert read the Scriptures, he came across the story of Elijah and the prophets of Baal. Elijah challenged the prophets of Baal to a power encounter--the true God would send fire and rain.

With the Bible as his script, this lone Christian challenged the monks. The farmers heard the word gladly for they needed the rain. The Buddhist monks prayed to their gods, yet nothing happened. The sky was cloudless. But when the evangelist called upon God to show himself by signs and wonders, the Lord sent rain on the land. The people rejoiced, but the monks said it was a coincidence. The evangelist wasn't discouraged. After the rain ceased he said, "Let's try it again to see who really is God: Buddha or Jesus." The monks went through their prayers to no avail, but when the evangelist prayed a second time, God again sent rain. It is easy to understand why there are now several churches among the Arakan people. God is a God who answers by rain.


From: Signs and Wonders in Mission By Robert W. Houlihan


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