Deliverance of a little girl from a demon occurred in France during the thirties of the last century.


Writing of the work that he has witnessed in France, Douglas Scott says: ‘The Lord moved in His own inimitable way in bringing to nought the work of a spiritist healer who attracted a great number of persons after him in much the same way as Simon the magician of the eight chapter of Acts. Among his many clients was a little girl who fell with about 25 epileptic fits a day. She could no longer take her food, and was not responsible for her actions. This child was brought to our meetings, and the demon rebuked in the name of Jesus. When he was cast out, the little girl became normal. Within a short time she was no longer a skeleton, but a fine, healthy child. This came to the notice of many people who had seen her at the ‘magician’s house’ and they inquired where she had been healed. In simple childlike faith she told them and one night we had the joy of seeing about 50 strangers, all people who had been to the spiritist to be healed but who had forsaken him to be healed by the power of God. Many of these were converted, healed, baptized in water and in the Holy Ghost, and the name of the Lord was glorified.


From: Stanley H. Frodsham, With Signs Following, Gospel Publishing House, Springfield Missouri, 1946, page 85