Blind man healed



Incident happened in Buthan


Twenty-one year old Sonam Dorjee was blind, and the only son in his family. He and his family were very strong orthodox Buddhists.Sonamís parents spent lots of money to try to cure him, but nothing helped.They took him to the hospital, to witch doctors, and he tried all kind of black magic, without success. One day some young people from a church were passing by Sonamís home, and saw him lying outside their house. They introduced themselves, gave Sonam some tracts, and shared the Gospel with him. The next week, the Christians came back to see Sonam again.They helped his family practically by cleaning and washing their house, and shared the Gospel with his parents also.That day Sonam received Jesus Christ.The following Sunday the youth brought him to church for the service.The Pastor and all the believers laid hands on him and prayed for him.Right after praying, the pastor asked a brother to get a glass of water.Then he prayed again, put his finger in the water, and asked the blind man to wash his face and eyes with the water. Sonam did, and immediately his eyes were opened!All the people in the church, including some new believers and some unsaved people were amazed.Because of this miracle, Sonamís parents also received Jesus.