‘I saw hell’




…. I thought that He would bring me to Heaven because I had assurance of my salvation, however we went down through a tunnel into the heart of the earth. And we got near a certain place. There was a stinking smell which disgusted me. I turned toward the Lord and I said to him: ‘I don’t want to go to that place’. The Lord answered me with a very strong voice: ‘It is necessary for you to go there first. You must see the things which are in this place’.

We entered into it. It was a very dark and terrible place. I heard some wailings, the Word of God speaks about these wailings. Oh, Church of God, my dear beloved brothers, I will never forget those wailings. When we reached the end of the tunnel, we sat down upon a rock, and the Lord said to me: ‘Look!’ Before me I saw the terrible sight of hell, I saw bodies which were moaning, I heard terrible screams. In that place, each one thinks of himself, nobody looks after anybody, there is nothing but weepings, wailings and hatred. Hell is so real! It is not a fable, as many think it is; it is not something invented by the Church of Jesus Christ. I was weeping, weeping, looking at the Lord. The Lord said to me: ‘Imprint all these things in your memory, look at this sight!’ I heard: ‘Ah! Ah! It is forever, it is forever. There is nothing but pain and hatred for ever and ever! I turned toward the Lord and I asked him: ‘Are there any members of my family in this place?’ He answered: ‘I don’t want to allow you to see any members of your family here!’ Church of the Lord, do you know why? We preach to others, but we don’t preach to the members of our family, because we fear they will get angry with us. However, it is better they get angry, provided they don’t go to that place of torment. I asked Him again the same question: ‘Are there any members of my family here!’ And He gave me the same answer.

I asked Him again: ‘Is there someone I know here?’ He answered: ‘Yes, and I want to allow you to see him’.

I saw a young man coming up from the depth. It was Alexander. I had met that young man during an evangelistic campaign together with my husband, in the Dominican Republic. During that campaign I had heard a voice saying to me: ‘Arise and go. You will meet Alexander that will pass by there. And you will say to him that I will give him the last chance’. When I said those words to that young man, he replied: ‘You Christians are all crazy, you go everywhere saying that Jesus Christ is coming back’. Then with an ironic tone, he said to me that he did not believe that all these things were true. I replied: ‘But God gives life, and takes it away when He wishes. Alexander you will die soon’. He said: ‘I am too young to die, and I have got so many wonderful years to enjoy on this earth’.

Two or three weeks later, Alexander died while he was in a state of drunkenness. So he went down into that place of torment, for the drunkards shall not inherit the Kingdom of Heaven, says the Lord Almighty. I saw Alexander attacked by two big worms and I heard him saying with a tormented voice: ‘Ah! Ah! Ah!’.

He recognized me and said: - I ignored my last chance, however, go to my home and tell my family not to come to this place!’

Church of Jesus Christ, it is time for you to say to your family, to your fellow-workers, wherever you go, that Jesus saves!

The Lord said to me: ‘I want you to see some other things’.

He allowed me to see a great number of people who were tormented. Then He said to me: ‘A part of these persons once knew me’. Many are walking in the streets without knowing where they are going. But I want to tell you, my brothers, that the road to Heaven is very narrow and it will become more narrow. Trials will come, and you will be purified as gold. But fear not, says the Lord, I am before you like a mighty giant.

I asked Him: ‘Are there any believers among this crowd?’ he answered me: ‘Yes, do you know why they lost their salvation? Because of their bad testimony they had on earth. Yes, those who don’t have a good testimony (or a good reputation) are many; they have a good testimony only when they are in the places of worship before their pastors and their families. But they greatly err because the eyes of My Father see everything, and He hears all the words, wherever you are the eyes of My Father see all the things which are done on earth.

The Lord said to me: ‘Do you know why they lost their salvation? Because they did not conduct themselves like believers. Tell my people it’s time to live a blameless life before my Father, before the devil and before the world so that the devil may have no reason to accuse my people, and the world may not point at My people! Among my people there are many persons accused by the devil and the world and both the devil and the world have good reasons to accuse them! It’s time to seek holiness and consecration, Church of the Lord, it’s time to say to ourselves and to our selfishness: ‘NO!’ Let us lay aside our pride so that the Lord may do His work in us!’

Afterward, we headed for another place, where there was a lake of fire. As we got near that lake, there was a very unpleasant smell. The Lord said to me: ‘What you see there is the lake of brimstone which is ready for the devil, the false prophet and the antichrist. I did not prepare this lake for men, however both those who don’t accept me as their saviour and those who don’t obey my Word will go there. At that moment, I saw the Lord weeping and then He said to me: ‘Those who go to perdition are much more numerous than those who go to Heaven’.

That instant, the Lord allowed me to see how many people were going into perdition every minute. He said to me: ‘Look how people go into perdition! My Church is sleeping, even though she received My power, she has My Word and the Holy Spirit: She is sleeping, she is lazy and tired. On earth there are some religions which teach My Word saying that hell does not exist. Go and tell them that this place is very real. I was very far from that place, however I felt the heat coming toward me.  …..


From: Bernada Fernandez, Due Esperienze vissute nell’aldilà con Gesù Cristo, [Two Experiences I Had with Jesus Christ in the hereafter], Parole de Vie, B. P. 3, 30920 – CODOGNAN (France), 1996, pages 10-16