Saved from a shipwreck




In 1917, during the First World War, Giacomo Lombardi (one of the pioneers of the Pentecostal Movement in Italy), came again to Italy. During his stay in Italy he fulfilled his ministry among the Churches which existed at the time, above all among some groups of believers which were in the city of Matera (in the south of Italy) and the province of Matera.

One day a particular incident happened to Giacomo Lombardi. Here is what happened to him.

The Lord had commanded him to leave for the United States of America. However, while he was on the gangway and he was about to go aboard the ship which had to take him back home, the Lord commanded him to get off the gangway.

Giacomo Lombardi obeyed the Lord. He was sorry because of that divine order, but later he understood the reason why the Lord had given him that specific order, for he came to know that during the voyage that steamboat had knocked against a mine and sunk. God spared him from a shipwreck (Interview with Teresa Nigido, Roma 1951).


Informations and quotes taken from ‘Cristiani Oggi’ [Christians Today], 1988, year VII, n° 24, pages 2-3