‘I AM’




After my conversion to Christ, I met some Jehovah’s Witnesses in the street, who told me insistently that God’s name was Jehovah. Now since I knew the Lord Jesus Christ (I was attending a Pentecostal Church), one day while I was at home I asked God to reveal to me His Name (that is, I asked Him what is His name). I remember that I said to Him: ‘Father, how should I call you?’ What’s Your Name? Jehovah’s Witnesses say to me that Your name is Jehovah, but what’s Your name?’’ Please, answer me!!’

While I was going to my bedroom, I was near the door of it, all of a sudden I heard a voice before me which said to me authoritatively, ‘IO SONO,’ that is, ‘I AM’.

I would like to make it clear that when I asked God that question I did not know that in the Bible it is written that God’s name is ‘I AM’. For I discovered it later.

To God be the glory now and forever. Amen.


Maria Benvenuti