The arch of fire and the star above us





In 1990 the pastor of a little Pentecostal Church in Acilia (Rome) gave hospitality to us. He lodged us in some rooms behind the place of worship.

However, after a few weeks, because of some circumstances (I pass over them), I and my brother wondered whether it was good for us to go away or not. We were troubled and perplexed, we were on the point of leaving, even though that would have meant to sleep on the park benches, inside the railway stations, etc. However, while we were in that mood, during the evening worship service it came to pass that while we were praying a Rumanian brother, who was standing behind us, had a heavenly vision, which he told to the whole church after prayer finished. He said to all the Church that he had seen above me and my brother an arch of fire and a big star, and according to the insight and understanding the Lord gave to him, the arch of fire was the Word of God, that God has put in us, while the star was His guide for it meant that as God guided the Wise men through the star to the place where the child Jesus was, so He had guided us to that place and He would continue to guide us in the future.

To us, who were in that particular situation, those words were like a balsam. We were filled with a great joy, God turned our wailing into dancing, and our mourning into gladness, and we were encouraged to continue to stay there, being sure that the Lord wanted us to stay there and we should not doubt about His guide even in the future for He would certainly guide us.

The incidents that happened during the following months confirmed clearly that we had taken the right decision. God had kept us from leaving that place at that time because His time had not yet come.

To God be the glory now and forevermore. Amen


Giacinto Butindaro