How God called us to preach His Word in Lazio





On the 21st of June, 1990, very early in the morning, while I was sleeping, I felt the Holy Spirit of God coming on me, He seized me and lifted me up toward heaven. While I was being lifted up, I cried unto the Lord: 'Lord, where do you want me to go to preach your Gospel?' After I spoke those words, I saw a horse from a distance. It was a very strong horse, a mighty horse, a blue horse (the blue was like the electric blue of many links in the web sites), and a man sat upon the horse. He was holding a white flag which was waving. I could see the right side of the horse, I saw also its head which was made of a sparkling metal (which looked like copper). I remember very well the right eye of that horse for he was a living eye. On the head of the horse (that is, on the right side of its head) were engraved the following words: 'VA' NEL LAZIO' that is, ‘GO TO LAZIO’.

When I read those words I was very astonished and I wanted to draw near to the horse in order to read those words from close up. However, instead of drawing near to the horse, the horse drew near to me. When it was on my left (therefore I could see very well the right side of the horse) I put my left hand around the horse's neck, and I brought its head nearer to me and I read the words which were written on its head (or rather, engraved on it) and which I had read a few moments before from a distance, that is, 'VA' NEL LAZIO'.

During the dream I went to my brother Illuminato (I call him Renato for that's his nickname), and I said to him: 'Renato, God has spoken to me, I must leave'. When I woke up, a great fear of God came upon me and the hair on my body stood on end. My first words were: 'Lord, then you have answered my prayer!' For I had been praying to God for several years that He might tell me where to go to preach His Word.

I knelt down to thank and bless God for He had answered my prayer. I thanked Him, I asked Him to help me and to continue to guide me. Then I went to my brother who was sleeping in another room and I told him the dream, saying to him that I had to leave for God had commanded me to leave for the region of Lazio, and I asked him, 'Renato, do you want to come with me?' He answered: 'Yes, I’m coming with you'. We prayed, we told our parents that revelation: both my father and my mother were astonished. That evening we were taken by a brother to the railway station at Milan and we caught the train to Rome, where we arrived the following day (in the morning) and although at that time we knew nobody God continued to guide us with His wonderful wisdom, confirming to us through other revelations given to other brothers that He has sent us into Lazio.

Oh, God you have done great things for us and we are filled with joy. We give thanks to You in the name of Christ Jesus. Amen.



* Lazio is one of the Italian regions, which is located in the centre of Italy, and its main city is Rome



Giacinto Butindaro