How God called me to preach the Gospel




After my conversion to the Lord (which took place in 1983), within me rose the desire to attend the weekly 'prayer meeting' and 'Bible Study meeting'. At the time I was 19 years old. Therefore I began to attend the prayer meetings of an evangelical church in Lugano, Switzerland. For at the time, since I lived together with my parents in Ponte Tresa, a little Italian town at the border with Switzerland (precisely with the Swiss Canton called Ticino, where Italian is spoken), we attended a community in Lugano.

Now, I don't remember if it was the first time I went to one of those meetings, anyway, I'm sure it was one of the first times. It came to pass that, after the prayer meeting was finished, when I went to greet the brother who was in charge of conducting the meeting, he said to me something like this: 'Do you know that some years ago the Lord - through a revelation given to a sister in the Lord - called you or your brother to preach His Word?' I replied by instinct: 'It's I!' I said those words for at that time my brother was still lost, so I thought it could not be him. Now, even though my brother also was after some time called to preach the Word of God, actually that revelation that brother spoke about had been given for me. This is what I discovered after a short time. For, after that meeting, shaken by those words, I asked my parents if they knew something about that revelation, and their answer was that they knew about that revelation, but they had never told me about it. My mother told me that once, when I was about 10-11 years old, at the end of a meeting, a sister (who was not any longer attending that Church when I was born again) came to her and said to her these words: 'Sister, the Lord will use this son of yours, and you will see it!', and she told her a vision she had had for me. I was a little boy at the time, I was near my mother when that sister spoke to my mother, and the sister who had had the vision put her hand on my head caressing me. What did she saw in that vision? She saw a white dove come down from heaven and remain on me. It was not the first time that that sister was used by God to let a church know that a certain boy had been set apart by God for a certain ministry. For afterward she told me that in her life that had happened several times and in various ways. Obviously, I looked for other confirmations which I found, for I found some sisters of that Church who told me that several years before that sister had made a prediction about me, and they told me that she had written that prediction on a little paper which was read on the pulpit by the pastor or someone else.

When I received the confirmation of the revelation concerning my call to the ministry I was very happy but I was seized by the fear of God. I knew that I had heard something about me that was very important, something coming from heaven and thus I had to obey the holy call.

However, that revelation, which was so clear, was not sufficient to me, so I asked God to confirm to me - after several years since that heavenly vision - that it was really Him who had called me to preach His Word. Nobody except God knew my request. I prayed to God secretly for several months, weeping before Him, that He might confirm to me that revelation given by Him years before, for I wanted to be absolutely sure to do His will.

Well, the confirmation came during the days of Easter in 1985. One sister in the faith, while she was in the place of worship, just a few moments before partaking of the Lord's Supper, while she was praying she had the following heavenly vision: she saw me dressed normally with my Bible in my left hand and with my right arm outstretched, standing between two heavenly beings dressed in white robes and with golden hair.

When that sister told me this vision, I exclaimed: 'Thanks be to God, He has answered my prayer. I have prayed to God for a long time that He might confirm to me His call to preach'. My joy was indeed great.

Therefore, from that moment on I began to study the Scripture as I had never done before in my life and I began also to pray much more. I had to prepare myself in order to fulfil the ministry to which God had called me in His grace.

To God be the glory now and forever. Amen


Giacinto Butindaro