The Lord Jesus Christ on the throne





Many years ago, my grandmother, whose name is Rosa, told me the following incident which happened to her in Sicily when my father (her son) was at the time a teenager.

One day, my father, whose name is Vincenzo, was taken ill. He was a believer and since He firmly believed that the Lord would heal him, he did not want her mother to call for the doctor. In other words, he did not want to take any medicine, but he wanted to be healed by the Lord.

So my grandmother did not call for the doctor. However, her neighbours misunderstood the matter, for they thought that it was my grandmother who did not want to call for the doctor and thus she did not care for the life of her son. So when they met her, they said to her many bad words and my grandmother suffered much because of their behaviour; besides she was suffering because her son was sick.

One day while she was in the countryside she decided to pray in order to pour out her soul before God and to invoke God's help. Her affliction was great. All of a sudden - she told me - the Lord Jesus Christ appeared to her, He was sitting on a marvellous throne, and He was holding a sceptre in His hand and He had a crown on His head. He did not speak to her, but she realized through that vision that she did not have to worry about her sonís health, for the Lord was on the throne and everything was under His control.

After a short time, her son recovered.


Giacinto Butindaro