Two dreams and one vision about John Paul II





Brothers in the Lord, I want to tell you what I and my brother dreamed and what a sister in Christ saw in a vision about pope John Paul II. *

Several years ago, in a dream I was in front of Wojtyla and pointing my finger at him I said to him: 'You are sending millions of people to hell!'

Instead, my brother dreamed that he was lying down and Wojtyla (who was very angry with him) was striking him in his chest, and my brother told him: 'The Church is not yours but God's'.

Sister Mary (while she had her eyes open) saw him dressed in a white robe with a black collar around his neck. God gave her that vision one evening just a few moments after I told, in her presence and in the presence of my brother, that dream I had had several years before, which I told you before.

He who has ears to hear, let him hear'.


From: Giacinto Butindaro, La Chiesa Cattolica Romana [The Roman Catholic Church], Roma, 1998, pages 149-150


* He died on April 2, 2005