A heavenly visitation



His meetings were generally intensely spiritual, and God was powerfully manifest in them. That fact was wonderfully illustrated upon two different occasions, when similar revelations of supernatural power and glory were displayed with rapturous effect in the meetings. The facts given in this instance are furnished by his half-sister, Mrs. A. A. White, to whom the circumstances were related by Mr. Barrett. When the revelations were made, the Holy Spirit was most signally present, and it seemed almost as if Jesus stood in their midst in the reality of His visible person, when suddenly, all were hushed in reverential silence, as if in immediate expectancy of some celestial visitation or communication, and they all heard, as though translated into the realm of spirit, the most rapturous and transporting music. They were carried heavenward in spirit in utter forgetfulness of mortal conditions as they listened to the sweet strains, the anthem of an invisible angelic choir. It entered one end of the house, passed over the altar, and went out the other end.

Words are inadequate to express the glory and grandeur of the two meetings, and the ecstasy and felicity of those present. The immediate and ultimate results of the visitation, a thing which was perhaps unprecedented in history, were more than commensurate, no doubt, with the divine purpose, the glory of God through His redemptive works. The Indians were deeply affected, and doubtless regarded the angelic singing as significant of God's special favor in their behalf.

The glorious appearing was too sacred, and like Paul's vision, too unutterable for ordinary or frequent mention on the part of Mr. Barrett. His aversion to the mention of anything in which he had a prominent part was a dominant characteristic. He rarely spoke of the occurrence; when he did speak of it, his words were uttered with the greatest reverence.


From: THE HAPPY ALLEGHENIAN, The Story of Clifford B. Barrett By M. L. Rhodes, No date.