An 18-year-old dies 6 months after being saved!



Many years ago, in an Eastern city, as I stood by my pulpit, there came a charming girl of eighteen and put out her hand. "Pastor, will you tell me what I must do to be saved?" I pointed her to Christ. I had the happy thought that minute that if she became a Christian she might become a very useful girl and woman; but I had also another thought, that she might soon go hence. She united with our church. My deacons and others said, :"What a useful member Mary will be, she will have such a blessed influence over the younger members of the church."

Six months passed quickly by. Early one morning there came to my study door a hasty knock. I opened the door, "Pastor, Miss Mary H___ is very sick this morning; won't you come and see her?" I hastened, not mistrusting that I was to close her eyes in death. I reached the door. A friend at the door said, "Step right up stairs as quick as you can." I stepped upstairs. The door was a little ajar, and there stood the father, leaning his back against the wall, almost convulsed, weeping as only a loving father can to see a loving daughter of eighteen years old near the Jordan of death.

I stepped through the door, and there stood the mother leaning over the foot of the bed. I believe I never witnessed a scene like that before not since. It seemed as if that woman was utterly convulsed, looking down into the face of Mary, wiping away tear after tear, and then giving an outburst of terrible throes of agony. My eyes rested upon that lovely Christian girl -- so sweet, so serene and heavenly. It seemed as if the halo of God's glory had gathered around that bed.

"Ma," she said. "don't weep so for me. I am going to be with Jesus, and you will come soon -- don't you see them? Why, here are the angels, and here is Jesus." A Bright and glorious scene seemed bursting upon her vision. It seems to me as if it were an hour ago. I remember saying, "My Lord and my God, is this dying with the love of Christ? Then make me a better minister, that I may lead more young ladies to Thee." -- Albert. P. Graves