A light hovering over the heads of the Methodists



[This is from Lednum's Methodist History, and tells of something that occurred in the early

days of American Methodism.]


Mr. John Cooper, who was one of the early and leading Methodists in Tuckeyhoe Neck, used to relate, with others, a strange phenomenon which was often seen in the evening meetings, during a great revival, which was going on in Tuckeyhoe Neck, when Methodism was in its infancy in that neighborhood. An unaccountable light, resembling flame, was often seen hovering over the heads of the Methodists, when engaged in prayer and class meetings. It was seen several times, by many people, brooding over different persons. This phenomenon produced not only awe in the minds of the beholders, but it was a witness to the divinity of the work, and led the unconverted to venerate the Methodists.

The Rev. William Cooper, of the Philadelphia Conference, son of the above named John Cooper, who communicated the account to us, says, "I often sat and trembled when my father, mother, and others were conversing about this, with other strange appearances of those times."


From: UNUSUAL OCCURRENCES Compiled by Duane V. Maxey