Persecution restrained by a dream



The new Chinese evangelist was very homely but the Lord, looking into his heart, saw there a burning love for Him and a desire for the salvation of his people. His mother was not a Christian and often persecuted him. One night on his return home she met him at the door and told him that he could not go to church on the morrow and she threatened him with all kinds of punishment if he opposed her. Poor Ling Wei was in great trouble. He went to his room and lay down on his hard mat on the floor. "What shall I do?" he moaned. "My teacher will think I have gone back to my idols if I do not go to church." Just then the door opened and Cheng, his friend in the Jesus faith, entered. "Why, what is the matter, Ling Wei?" he whispered. "You look so sad, I came for help and I find you weeping." "My heart is indeed very sad," Ling Wei answered. "When I came home my mother told me I must give up the Jesus religion. And she has hidden my clothes so I cannot go to church tomorrow." "A Chinese boy or man must mind his parents," said his friend, "but we can pray--get help from our Jesus. Let us pray to Him."

The two friends threw themselves on their faces and prayed to the God who hears the prayers of white and yellow alike. The night passed away. The early morning light found them still weeping and calling to God to save the poor heathen mother. Suddenly the door was opened and Ling Wei's mother stood in the door way. "Oh, my dream! My dream!" she cried. "The True God you talk to told me in a dream to let you alone or He would punish me. Here are your clothes. Dress and go to church. I will hinder you no more." When the two friends entered the mission that day their hearts were very happy. –Selected