How a suicide was stopped in the nick of time through a dream of Pearl Poe



In a dream one time I saw a certain man coming to meet me. I saw a pit, and a ladder going down into the pit. I saw Satan put a false ladder at the end of the one already there. If anyone would put his weight on the false ladder, he would fall. I saw fire far, far below. The man whom I saw started down the ladder. I called him by name and warned him of his danger, and told him not to go a step farther or he would fall into hell. The dream so impressed me that the next morning I wrote a letter. Using iodine to make it look more like flames, I drew a picture, and told this man of his danger. I told him that he had started down the ladder and that if he went another step, he would go to hell.

The next day four other preachers and I were going down the road in a car. I was driving. I pulled to the side of the road, stopped, told the men my vision briefly, and said, "That mail carrier is visiting, and in a few minutes it will be too late." We were over a hundred miles from where that man lived. We began to pray and prayed until the burden lifted. A few weeks later I saw the man. He had gotten saved and here is the story.

The man had seen something that was heartbreaking and had meditated upon it. He had gone to the hay mow to hang himself. The mail carrier had stopped at a neighbor's and talked for about an hour. I had edged the letter in black. Finally, he said to the neighbor, "I have a letter edged in black; I had better hurry on and deliver it." He honked his horn at this man's mailbox. The hired girl ran out to get the mail, and saw the letter to the man edged in black. She had seen him go in the barn some while before, so she hurried to the barn, opened the big door, and called, "You have a letter from Pearl." Hearing him answer, she looked up. He had a rope tied out over the driveway to the track in the haymow and the other end tied around his neck. He was standing on a beam, ready to jump. He untied the rope from his neck, read the letter, and prayed through.

Suppose I would have said, "Oh, that is just a dream. No use to write." Or suppose I would have said, "Well, we are in a hurry and these preachers will not understand," and would not have prayed. Oh, how we ought to be careful to obey the leadings of the Spirit. We would see a great deal more accomplished for God if we were more obedient.